Sensical, Inc (sensical) wrote in eljay_android,
Sensical, Inc

ElJay 2.1

ElJay version 2.1 has been released on Android Market, and is pending on the Amazon Appstore.

* Now requires at least Android 2.2
* Refreshed UI with Android ActionBars and easier navigation
* Multiple account support -- add all of your LJ and other accounts and switch between them on the fly
* Make entry editor black-on-white in Android 3.0+
* Made Entries easier to use, with a clear menu for edit/view/delete instead of press-and-hold
* Make default filter more visible in Friends list
* Comment counts in the friends list no longer wrap around
* Support Dreamwidth Trust Groups
* New icon
* Fix errant menus on Android 3.0+
* Fix user pic loading delay in Friends list on Android 4.0+
* Fix some bandwidth-hogging bugs
* Fix occasional password saving issues on Android 4.2
* Additional Russian translations
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