ElJay 2.2

We're happy to announce ElJay 2.2! It is currently rolling out in stages in the Play Store, and coming soon to the Amazon App Store.

Version 2.2 (52)
* Allow posting of images to LiveJournal via Scrapbook/FotoBuilder
* Add accounts option to Preferences
* Allow sharing of text and images from other Android applications

Having trouble logging in?

If you're still having trouble logging in after upgrading to 2.1 or higher, please try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it. We're still trying to bug hunt, but an uninstall/reinstall has worked for people so far.



A new version was just deployed to Android Market. This may fix issues some are having where there is an "unable to create account" error on upgrade.

Version 2.1.1 (45)
* Attempt to gracefully recover from bad database migration
* Attempt to recreate account profile if current one is bad

ElJay 2.1

ElJay version 2.1 has been released on Android Market, and is pending on the Amazon Appstore.

* Now requires at least Android 2.2
* Refreshed UI with Android ActionBars and easier navigation
* Multiple account support -- add all of your LJ and other accounts and switch between them on the fly
* Make entry editor black-on-white in Android 3.0+
* Made Entries easier to use, with a clear menu for edit/view/delete instead of press-and-hold
* Make default filter more visible in Friends list
* Comment counts in the friends list no longer wrap around
* Support Dreamwidth Trust Groups
* New icon
* Fix errant menus on Android 3.0+
* Fix user pic loading delay in Friends list on Android 4.0+
* Fix some bandwidth-hogging bugs
* Fix occasional password saving issues on Android 4.2
* Additional Russian translations