Multiple accounts

I like this app, but there's one thing that prevents me getting much use out of it. I have multiple LJ accounts, all with long random passwords, and it's difficult to switch between them because I need to enter the password each time. Is there any chance a feature could be added to allow it to store usernames/passwords for several accounts, so that I can quickly log out of one account and into another?


ElJay version has been released on Android Market, and is pending on the Amazon Appstore.

* Can now install to SD card
* Fix some ICS issues
* Fix default filter


A new version of ElJay,, is now available in Android Market and pending review in the Amazon Appstore.

This should resolve the network error issues that users have experienced over the last couple of days.

LiveJournal API Issue

This is now resolved. Please update ElJay in Android Market or the Amazon Appstore.


We are aware of an issue with ElJay 2 being able to log in or perform actions with the LiveJournal API. We are currently looking into this issue, and will update when we know more.

Thanks for your patience!

Version 2.0.1

ElJay version 2.0.1 has been released!

* Bug fix in returning to friends list from another application
* Fix crash in some post situations
* Much better user icon retrieval
* Ad-free version now available in the Market
* Tags fixed for new users as of previous release

New Feature Previews:
* Can now view and post comments while viewing entries
* Can now view, delete and edit your previous entries

Announcing ElJay 2.0!

We are happy to announce the release of ElJay 2.0.0 to the Android Market, and soon, the Amazon App Store and Moto App Store. It is also available to download from our web site.

ElJay 2 is a ground-up rewrite of ElJay, featuring:
• Posting entries
    • User pictures
    • Location searching
    • Privacy settings
    • Server-side tag support
    • Server-side mood support
• Saved, unfinished draft support
• Reading friends list and friend entries, with filters

Keep an eye out, there's more coming soon!

ElJay 2 Beta

Hello, internet friends. Long time no see!

We will be starting a beta for ElJay 2 in two weeks. If your device runs at least Android 1.6 (Donut), and you can install applications outside of Android Market, please feel free to sign up for the beta test. If you aren't sure if you meet these requirements, leave a comment with the type of device you have and your cell provider, and we'll do our best to find out.

See you soon!

Stupid question?

I have the ap and it seems to work quite nicely. I would like to be able to add photo's to my posts. Is that possible? Am I just doing it wrong?
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